A bit about myself

I was born Ian (pronounced “eye-en”) Sefchick in Cincinnati Ohio at the beginning of the disco era. Shortly after my birth my parents moved to California to follow a Yogi named Baba Hari Dass. Chasing employment we moved back to Cleveland Ohio and eventually back to Cincinnati where I spent most of my developmental life. I was into BMX, skateboarding, go-carting, and music most of all.  As a teen I quickly grew fond of punk rock and hard core. I fell in love with Bad Brains, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Butthole Surfers, Angry Samoans….I picked up a guitar and I pretty much knew what I was going to be when I grew up. Being a teenager with no funds and a passion for electricity I started building my own tube amplifiers out of record player consoles found at the Salvation army and Goodwill stores.

I wasn’t interested in school and was going to drop out of high school, so my parents shipped my off to a mountain in Santa Cruz to “get my act together.” A couple months later I found myself in India lending a hand at an Orphanage close to the Ganges river. This sparked an interest in New Age philosophy and spirituality that would stay with me to this day.

Finishing up high school back in Cincinnati Ohio I started playing in Bands and met a guy named Sharky Laguana. Sharky eventually moved out to San Fransisco and started a Punk band called Bandersnatch. He had a solo project called Creeper Lagoon he was doing on the side.  Sharky released a 4 track recording on vinyl that caught the interest of Luke Wood, a budding A&R man at Geffen Records.

When I heard the news I packed up my Toyota hatchback with every thing I owned (4 track, guitar amp, guitar, clothes, box of cassettes) and moved to San Francisco.

Eventually Creeper Lagoon was signed to Dreamworks and we put out our first record on Nickle Bag, a record label ran by the Dust Brothers. We toured forever in support of it and that’s when things started to go a little strange. We were supposed to be the next big thing and a massive amount of money was spent on our first Dreamworks record. We worked with Jerry Harrison, Mark Trombino, Greg Wells, and Ken Andrews making just one record. It took like 4 years or something to finish it. Six weeks after it was released we were playing on tour in London and I quit the band and flew home. Why? I was self centered, abusing substances, and hated everyone. Oh well, shit happens.

It took a serious car accident and a move to Los Angeles to shake the trauma of that experience. I gave being in a band one more shot and formed On The Speakers. We got signed to Universal and toured with some really cool bands. To name a few: Built to Spill, The Sleepy Jackson, French Kicks, Ambulance. It was a blast to say the least.

What happened to that? Well being almost successful in music still means being completely broke and a new person entered my life that changed everything. Her name is Nancy and she was born in the spring of 2005.

I had to buckle down and earn real money to support my new family. I felt I really couldn’t be the parent of two entities, so the band had to go.

A couple years later I knew I could not go on without making music because that’s simply what I do and who I am.

So Ghost Baby is born… and will die when I do. Enjoy!