October 3rd, 2010

Rainbow Tank

A free sample off of the self titled Ghost Baby debut.

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Tracy (Original)

The original recording of Tracy, a song later featured on I Become Small and Go.

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Dear Deadly (Original)

A later version of this song appeared alongside Tracy on I Become Small and Go.

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Don’t Forget Me

Yet another Demo I wrote around the same time I wrote Tracy and Dear Deadly

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Captain Paper

is an imaginary band who put out a real album. Me and Carlos de la Garza took about a year to record the album in Eagle Rock CA. at Music Friends Studio. Carlos owns the studio and it was evolving as we were recording. We would record here and there in the cracks of time between construction and paying bands.


Engineered by Carlos de la Garza

Drums keyboards played by Carlos de la Garza

Vocals, Bass, Guitar Played By Ian Sefchick

I lost you, Dez The Farmer, Motion, Light, and Sound,

and Small Memories Mixed by Carlos de la Garza

Church Boy, I Forget, Mary Gold, Live Alone, Rhonda,

and I’ll Break It Mixed By Mark Trombino

Mastered at Capitol Mastering by Kevin Bartley

All Songs written by Ian Sefchick.

That about covers it. Enjoy.

Church Boy

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I Forget

Lost You

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Mary Gold

Dez The Farmer

Live Alone

Motion Light And Sound


I’ll Break It

Small Memories

On The Speakers

Ian Sefchick – Scott Ford – Dan Horne – Anthony Improgo

These are the unreleased demos some of which were to be on the full length OTS album

I know there are still some missing from this collection. I will eventually get them all up.

The sound quality is pretty grainy but its the best I could get together.
I may be able to find better sounding versions in the future
but for now I offer them up for you to download and enjoy.

To download to your desktop, right click on “Download free mp3″ and select “save link as”

Where Do You Get Off

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Silly Love

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Gutter Punk

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Let It Shine

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Spearmint Day

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Something I’m Missing

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The Slide

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Beggars Are Hungry

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